Monday, 11 November 2013


Ni Hao?? Greetings from CHINA... Sorry for not updating the blog for about 3 months. I guess I'm back now. So, I went to China two months ago, Guang Zhou and Shenzhen to be precise. I went there to accompany my mom and it was just a short vacation anyway. We also went out for shopping, not even to think to missed that. And and and i met my besties, Lauren, we had a bit of party for sure.

Also, not to forget took some pictures of myself while i was there. With different outfits for sure. :)

Total Look - Zara, Coach, Topman, Pedro

Total Look - Zara - Coach - Fossil

Total Look - Zara - Louis Vuitton

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Happy June and Wonderful July (Singapore, Jakarta and Belitung)

Hello all, how are you all??? Now i just got the time to update my blog again. Sorry to left you behind with no post for almost 2 months.

I just got home from a vacation in an island called "Bangka Belitung". It is very beautiful and lovely place.

Now, as usual, i will give you see my post for the last months...

I also met Jelita after 3 months separated. So happy to see her and i met Ellen and Novika too which havent met in so long too. 

Sorry the post had too much pictures coz havent post it long time. More look just check out in my instagram.

LOVE, Felix Tan